Monday, November 7, 2011

Organ Donation Should Be Mandatory

I watched the movie Inhale which was about the epic struggle of one American family to procure an illegal organ transplant for their daughter in Mexico.  It occurred to me that organ donation should be mandatory.  After all, what good are your organs to you if you are fracking dead.  We have all seen stories of children who waited so long for an organ transplant on a waiting list that they died.  Think about it as if it was your child who needed a new set of lungs in order to live.  Sure this won't completely solve the problem of the lack of organs as there are other issues that can throw a wrench into things such as poor and diseased organs as well as the lack of a suitable match.  However, I believe it would help immensely if we had such a system in place.  Everyone should be an organ donor.